What is the Gift Articles Feature?

Subscribers can now gift 10 articles each calendar month, and this number resets on the 1st of the next month. Each gifted article can be shared out to others, and even non-subscribers will be able to read it without signing in. After an article is shared, it can be read any number of times during a 2-week period. 


How to send a gift article?

To send a gift article, select the Gift This Article button located at the top of the article page.



When you select the Gift This Article button, a panel will open showing how many gift articles you have left in the current month. Once you select a gift option, the number of gift articles available automatically decreases by one — regardless of whether or not you ultimately send the article. You can share each gift article with multiple recipients, without decreasing the number of gift articles available to you.


Gift Article Recipient

If you receive a gift article from an Epoch Times subscriber, you do not need to register or subscribe to The Epoch Times to read the article.

Note: Registering for an Epoch Times account or becoming a subscriber will provide you with access to more articles.


Need Help?

If you have questions about gift articles or are experiencing issues, contact Customer Service for assistance.