What Makes The Epoch Times Different From Other Media?

  1. The Epoch Times is independent of any influence from corporations, governments, or political parties. Our only goal is to bring our readers accurate and fact-based information and to be responsible to the public.

  2. The Epoch Times is non-partisan and values-based. We believe true journalism is based on moral principles, and we are guided by the values of Truth and Tradition to report on important issues without any spin or hidden agenda. We provide in-depth reporting that helps explain our complex world in a balanced and honest way.

  3. No other media exposes the dangers of communism and socialism like The Epoch Times does. We do so because the media has a duty to be upright and responsible to society. So, we explain how these ideologies have spread around the world, impacted countries’ economic and political stability, and caused damage to our moral foundation and to our traditions.