Print, Digital, and Gift Subscriptions

Print Subscriptions: 

⭐ Print broadsheet newspaper with 40 pages and 4 sections

⭐ Delivered to your home once a week

⭐ Includes complimentary digital subscription

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*If you only want a print subscription, you can decline your complimentary digital subscription by not setting it up. You can also set it up later at any time by referring to the email instructions or contacting us.


Digital Subscriptions: 

⭐ Unlimited access to and EpochTV 

⭐ ePaper: read or listen to the digital version of print newspaper

⭐ Premium content: eMagazines, infographics, videos, and more!

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Gift Subscriptions:

      Send a gift of print + digital subscription to your loved ones and friends!

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How to Subscribe:

  1. Online at

  2. Call our subscription hotline at 1-800-766-0157

  3. Download a subscription form at the bottom of this article, print it out and fill it in. Then, mail it to the address on the form, along with an enclosed cheque with the dollar amount as indicated on the form.