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Is the donation tax deductible?

The Epoch Times is not a NPO. Your donation is tax deductible in Canada and you will receive a receipt for your tax purposes. Receipts are issued by New Tang Dynasty Charities, which supports The Epoch Times' independent journalism, and all donations are to be used solely for The Epoch Times reporting. [Our Charity BN/Registration # is 84963 7707 RR0001]


I signed up for recurring donation, do I have access to your full content online?

Thank you very much for signing up with recurring donations. We really appreciate your support. Unfortunately donations and subscriptions are separate. If you wish to gain access to our full content online, you can subscribe to The Epoch Times.


Can I cancel my recurring donation?

All cancellation requests must be processed through the customer service hotline at 1-(866)-907-7881. A cancellation confirmation email will then be sent to the donor. 


Can I get a refund on my donation?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) stipulates that a registered charity cannot return a donor's gift. Because contributions to the Epoch Times are received under New Tang Dynasty Charities, we cannot issue a refund to a donor. Once we receive a donation, we are obliged to use the donation in carrying out our charitable purposes. (Visit the CRA website for more details)