Manage Account or Subscription

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Manage your account online

1. Log in to at the top right corner


2. Click on your Customer Portal at the top right corner



Change password or display name

You can change your display name (shown on comments) and password in your profile.


To change your email, you will need to contact us because this concerns how your account is synchronized across all your devices.


Manage your subscription, shipping, and payment method

Click Subscription on the left menu, then click the Manage My Subscription button.



You can change your shipping address and update your payment method.



See your next billing date, billing history, and download invoices

You can find your next billing date or next renewal date in the Subscriptions tab on the left menu.



You can also find your next billing date or next renewal date on your invoice. To see your billing history and download your past invoices, click on the Invoice tab on the left menu.



Cancel your subscription free of charge

Please call us at 1-800-766-0157 to cancel your subscription for free. See our Terms & Conditions for more information about subscription cancellation.