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What is Epoch TV?

Epoch TV is a streaming platform for our exclusive programming which includes investigative news analysis, in-depth interviews and award-winning documentaries. 



Your digital subscription includes unlimited access on all devices to Epoch TV, ad-free programs and live chat with hosts. 

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Why Epoch TV?

Epoch TV is our solution to Big Tech censorship. YouTube has completely demonetized our video programs because of our truthful reporting, and some of our videos are also being deleted off the platform.

Subscribe now to watch our exclusive programming without censorship and help us continue to report news in Truth and Tradition.


How to watch Epoch TV

A digital subscription is required to watch Epoch TV content. Visit www.EpochTV.com and sign in to your account.

Your 24/7 live and on-demand programming is available on any device, including Apple TV 4K, Roku (3rd generation and later models), mobile, tablet, and computer.


Can I watch Epoch TV on cable television?

Please note, Epoch TV is not a television station and is not delivered through cable. If you want to watch videos on your TV, you can cast videos from your devices to your TV by following these instructions.

 If you are interested in television programs, please check out Epoch Media Group's TV station programs at NTD.com.


Cast Epoch TV videos through The Epoch Times App

You can download the latest version from the Apple app store or Google Play. Please follow the instructions here about how to cast Epoch TV videos to your TV or other devices through the App.