Repeatedly Asked to Log in?

These are the 4 most common reasons you might be continually asked to enter login information:

1. The browser is in “private” or “incognito” mode

2. Cookies are blocked

3. Browsing data is automatically cleared when the browser is closed

4. The default browser is not logged in

To troubleshoot these login issues, check out the resources below.

*Please note that several resources include links to external sites that may change. Some websites will also show you how to block cookies or clear browsing history, so only follow the instructions that apply to your situation.


Turn off private/incognito mode

Make sure your browser is NOT in private mode (Safari), incognito mode (Chrome), Shields Up (Brave), or the equivalent on other browsers. Turning off private and incognito mode allows search history and auto-fill information to be remembered. This will let you automatically log in to The Epoch Times.

To turn off private/incognito mode, please click the link relevant to you. 





Unblock cookies

Websites use cookies not only for tracking but also for login authentication purposes. To enable features like automatic login for a particular website, cookies must be unblocked for that website

For more details on how to unblock cookies, please click the link relevant to you. 





Check if your browsing data is automatically cleared when you close your browser

Many browsers offer a feature that automatically clears browsing history and cookies when you close a tab. Consequently, this also wipes out your login information. Please note that if you manually clear your browsing data or history, you'll need to re-enter your login details for The Epoch Times.

Check these resources for instructions on how to turn this setting off:




Make sure you're logged in on the default browser

If you use multiple browsers on your device, make sure you're logged in to The Epoch Times on the default browser for your device. The default browser is the one that is launched by the device when a web link (URL) is clicked in any application.

For example, if you’ve only logged in to The Epoch Times website with Safari, but your device's default browser is Chrome, if you then click a link in one of our newsletters you may see some paywalls (pop-ups requesting you to subscribe) in that Chrome browser.

To further help, we also recommend that you log into your account on all your browsers.

For example, if you’ve logged in to The Epoch Times website with Chrome but you also have Safari and Firefox on your device, you will also need to log in to Safari and Firefox for these browsers to remember you. These other browsers cannot access that information directly from Chrome.



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